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Early game rogue??? (lvl 50 right now)

By doomdriver - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - November 19, 2019, 23:43:10

Good day, fellow player.

I've picked up rogue (int) about a day or 2 ago because I remember them being very fun and strong, but right now I have a problem. I have no idea how to properly play rogue, let alone in the early levels. I feel like I dont have enough range to properly set up bombs, my bombs are very squishy, and especially in solo, I just get stuck and then I can't place bombs at all. How am I supposed to do this?? Or should I just give up for now?

(just noticed its in the general class discussion no idea how to move it lol)

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From what I've seen, most rogues go agi in the early game since toady+mtc set is so dank, and having the extra +dodge is very helpful

Also, the amount of HP your bombs have is dependent on how much vitality your rogue has, so it might be worth going for gear that has vitality overmages if you can afford

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