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Class Suggestion For Returning Player

By notthisone#2909 - SUBSCRIBER - November 23, 2019, 14:00:50
As the topic says I returned dofus after a long time(5 years to be exact) I played sram,,eca,xel,cra,osa,eni,rogue,iop beyond to level 150+ and rest of the classes to the near 100 lvl. Only classes I havent tried are fogger, hupper, masq,oug and elio. Now I come back and overwhelmed with all the changes. Couldnt find any guide for classes.So does anyone have any class suggestion for me. I want to focus on 3v3 kolo and a bit dungeons. It's not important for me to be a damage dealer or healer or another role. I just want to have fun while doing it. Pushback cra was fun for example, eca is always fun but I played it for so long I want to change to something else. Anykind of tip would be appriciated. Oh and one final question. This isnt the right section probably but can anyone telle me what this dream dungeon and new pet system are?
Thanks in advance
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I suggest Hupper. You can make crit/omni build but str/int should be more.
When you apply one earth and one fire damage on an enemy, it gives it x120 damage sustained. Then at same turn, you cast Arcade Torrent and Celestical Wave. You can hit around 4K in your first turn.
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