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By Aedexreau - SUBSCRIBER - January 11, 2020, 03:55:10

Hi guys, I started playing dofus recently (Cha Feca level 50) and I found his gameplay to be a bit fun (the kiting part) but a bit blend. I know classes pick up at 100, does the water feca get funnier?Also I wanted to try another class and I would like your input on it:

  • I'm playing with a set of 3 friends and they play Zobal (idk his element), Earth Ouginak and Fire Eniripsa.
  • My conclusion is to play a cha build (hence my Feca) or an agi build due to what they play.
  • I like classes that can also solo PvM (I don't want to have to play with one of them all the time if I want to). But they need not to be a liability in group
  • I like classes that are less played and feel fun.
  • No Eliotrope or Steamer as I have other friends playing those classes HL.
-> I was heading towards an air/water Osa or a water Eca because of their gameplay and all. Would that be a good idea? Which element would be best?Cheers and thank you for the advice!
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They do get funner of course, you only have one chance spell at the moment which must be very difficult.  You won't have all of your chance spells though until 175, which might take a very long while depending on how fast you level.  Thing should get easier at 65 when you get your glyph, since you can put it right under yourself and damage all the enemies around you, for 2 turns.  Pure chance is better as a range build, ie. staying away from enemies, since three of your spells have a minimum range and one pushes them back, but with Stormy Attack and a close combat weapon you could make it work as a closer range build.  After level 100 or so it's very easy to go dual elements, which I highly suggest as you have a lot more options.  You can always change your stats at any time, so it's not like you're locked in for life if you're not liking how you built your character.  If you think you'll be playing with your friend who is earth ougi a lot, agi/str feca might be better, as then you guys can both go in and do close combat damage.

Water eca is good.  I don't know anything about Osa these days.

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