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Hupper pushback BS spell

By -El-Patron-#9031 - SUBSCRIBER - January 20, 2020, 03:34:33
Please explain why ankama has made this possible. I had full HP with a feca on my team who used fecas shield and by turn TWO was taken from FULL HP all the way down to 0 by a Pushback hupper. Wtf are these developers smoking ? Why is this possible? Dofus 2020 is a joke! Someone try to explain why  this game is worth playing anymore
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A "Rock" complaining about the "Paper" on how life is unfair.....
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Pushback huppers are strong, but they have counters. For example, a turn 2 gravity glyph would have rendered them useless, or a single pushback resistance trophy would have reduced their damage by close to 1/3. PvP in this game is very complicated, but what you experienced is the equivalent of a 4 move checkmate in chess. Yes it exists, but you can prevent it from working. 
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I understand this philosophy, But this relies on class counters, Every class should be able to counter the opposite class if they prepare for it, Even with 200 pushback resis, You're still ko'd by the amount of runes they can produce, So even iif you take 2000 damage in 1 turn with all their runes, they can build it back up in 1 turn and finish you off
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Pushback needs to go period. I am absolutely tired of it. It takes no skill what so ever. 

Tacturrets casts Kinetix. Erah: -1131 HP (dead).

Couple this with the class's flexibility to swap with the turret, it's OP,  To reward this kind of simple gameplay with so much damage is so silly.

Ankama, please, You have made excellent strides in the game don't stop there, Pushback is now a viable way to play the game, All I ask is, let there be a fair way of countering this, whether that's adjusting the pushback damage slightly or increasing trophy resistance, or even allowing pushback to be % res based. 

Ap reduction for example can be countered well with 1 trophy on a decent 200 pvp set. Please allow the same to happen, because even when you counter by 200 pushback resis which consists of both trophies and pet, The opponent is still able to produce this kind of damage.. every single turn, there is no risk, Only reward for these kind of classes. 
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   I get the frustration, but there are easy ways to build pushback res into any set with trophies and pets. Not only this, but there is actually a Dofus (easy one to get) that nurffs pushback damage completely. I think it's called the lava smith Dofus? Each time the other team causes you to be moved you gain shields. You just gotta prep for stuff when you see what classes you will be fighting before the start of the fight. Trilkgh is also right, as a feca you do have a glyph that keeps anyone from being moved while on it, so you even have your very own counter to this sort of thing. 
   I'm not saying pushback isn't strong though. If one doesn't prep correctly pre-fight than odds are pushback classes are going to hit crazy hard. Another thing that adds to this power is most (if not all) kolo maps are pretty tight areas making it easy to always have something to push you against. Your own placement is key, but honestly you can't just run out into the open in a 3v3 so it's really better to work with class counters, and prep stuff like pushback res trophies and that lava smith dofus. Just a thought though, not sure if you're actually looking for advice or just venting. 
  Oh you could also try a pushback class yourself. This is usually a good way to see other weaknesses to things you are struggling with.
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Just venting hahahah also just wanna point out that I'm now a pb hupper . For what it counts Because of having 18k + achievements and getting bored of this game as of lately I've retired pvm and only pvp . After getting to legend rank and getting up to rank 20 the fights started getting tougher. This is how I learned about the classes that should be nerfed because these are the classes you see every stupid fight hahaha  Not even joking there is always one or two it's irritating and annoying AF There aren't even a handfull of stupid Op classes when it comes to end game  kolo . Just three maybe four .
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The funny thing is the ones who are commenting about how it can be countered have never even done kolo past gold rank let alone under rank 100 . Until you get here you will have no idea
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El--Shayo|2020-01-28 08:03:11
He one turned me at full HP on turn TWO . Regardless of how many "counters" you can come up with the fact that a class is able to do that makes this game a complete sack of s***

No this is what happens when you go into PVP without knowing how the damage formulas work.
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You cant win them all....period
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Does gravity work against pushback? I swear I was in gravity state and still got pushed with release lol
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Gravity alone never worked against pushback. I think you are confusing Gravity with Unshakable or Rooted states because some spells actually give several states at the same time (e.g. Feca's Gravity Glyph which gives both Gravity and Unshakable state).
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Pushback builds are indeed strong but they have many counters, due to many classes having a gravity spell. MP reduction can also restrict movement for characters that are pb centered.
Huppers Int spell that allows them to place a fire glyph to tp to, I believe was changed this year to make the build harder to use with different elemental glyphs.

In writing this,  1v1 Foggers Periscope are impossible to work around as an xel but then again 1v1 is never going to be balanced. That and lock/blocks from a turret is ridiculous, blocking all movement from one turret placement.
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