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Which class is the best right now?

By Granderr#3924 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - March 17, 2020, 19:25:22
Hi guys,
i wanna start a new game, and i have a question.
Which characters are best in pve/pvp? 
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First of all, that's my opinion and what i concluded after confront a good number of classes(if not all of them) in a good number of fights, so after that explanation I would say probably xelor/feca/rogue.

If you learn how to play with Xelor you will be able to easily have 17 ap on the second turn on a 1v1 without even touch on your opponent, xelor is probably the most difficult of these three but i think he is the best damage dealer on initial rounds.

For me Feca is an anoying one, tons of possibilities but the common in pvp are the gravity glyph(don't know the name, just what it cause =P) combed with the AP withdrawl glyph (again I don't know the names lol), if your enemy step away from the glyph he will not suffer the effects, but if he doesn't have escape you can easily trap him on it and tank with your body after shield yourself up. This is a really strong class in my opinion but if you are looking for fast fights this class can be a problem, the enemy will be continuosly trying to run so you can easily have a fight of 25 turns or something like that.

Last but not least Rogue, never played with it but it seems to be the funiest of these three, your map control is great and the bomb glyphs can cause a really good dmg, with this one I believe it would be a more straight forward style of fight.

Anyway, that's what I think and I would recommend for you to watch some videos of these classes in pvp an take your own conclusion.

I hope i could help you ^^ !
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