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What class is good to start mono-server PvM?

By Rorf#6084 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - March 18, 2020, 06:40:32
I would like to start in this server ilyzaelle. I would like a class that can be balanced between being good in solo if I'm alone, hit good and survive, but if I'm in a team I would like to support them maybe with healing if possible, or be useful(?). 

What classes are good for this? Please recommend me some of them so I can decide which one to pick.
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Feca is awesome solo, not only he got mad damage reduction, but also a steady damage and nice farming capabilities through AoE and such. Recommended elements would be fire or air to start with, then you can hybridize however you want to. I ran a fire/earth one back in echo and was thinking of trying out air next time around.

Also Eni is cool, he god puny damage compared to other classes but the ability to give himself 2ap from level 1 and heal like crazy throughtout the fight make him one of the classes with the most survivability from the get-go. Not to mention he's a master supporter.

Pandas and Enus can fill supporting multi-tool roles as well but idk about their actual survivability, especially enu's since the updates.
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Osamodas is cool, most of the time you don't even need a potions smile
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I am a returning player and i was wondering two  things what is the best build for a oso im running right now fire and earth .. And what other classes do you think are good for pvm and maybe some light pvp
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I think a huppermage or elio would be the best for what you have been looking for
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