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Elio + ???

By Immortal-Sinner#3022 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - April 23, 2020, 10:25:33
Was thinking of starting to play this game from 0 again, heard it Elio + Iop is the new op duo (wanting to play duo only atm). Is iop a must or are there any other optimal choices?
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I think Elio can work with a lot of classes. Iop is just the most obvious, because it provides a way to give one of the strongest melee-classes extra range and damage.
Similar things can be achieved with other melee-classes like ougi or masq.

Other possible combo would be Elio + Rogue/Sram, where you can just port the enemies into the walls/traps.

Personally, I really like classes that can rape BP like Sadida, Enu or Feca. That way I don't have to place new portals every round because the enemies can't run away from the old ones.

However I can't say, which combo is best for doing high-lvl-dungeons.
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