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3 member team with osa. Help me please

By JehnifferLindaPricesinha#6572 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - May 01, 2020, 01:13:10
I would like to creat a team with osa, and i don't know wich class match.
I already played with elio and iop, but i think that i need a healer, or that is a good team?
Maybe osa, eni and elio or osa, panda and iop.
Help me please
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consider xelor, the summons can help generate telefrag since you get to control them all and place them where needed most
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Osa Xelor Enu is good. Like Jinsenke said, summons help generate telefrags for xelor and xelor can get summons into the fight or bring them to safety if needed. Enu is good at slowing down the fight with mp reduction and bribe, can provide ap, mp, damage buffs and heals for the xelor or osa. Also enu summon even more summons for xelor to telefrag with. They also do decent ranged damage.

You can also do osa iop elio or osa iop panda. For this team comp you run osa as supporty, iop as full damage and elio/panda sets up for iop to maximise his damage. 
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