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Sram or Sacrier

By Naturallny#9370 - SUBSCRIBER - May 13, 2020, 16:04:27
Hello. Im "fresh" player on Echo, my first attempt to this game has been about 3-4 weeks ago. I've played on temporis server and now im little confused what class should i choose. Sram seems nice for me, i really love how the class looks - same as sacries. I prefer PvE for now, mostly dungeons or solo grinding on cc idols. And there is my questions - which class will be better overall? From time to time I will play with bunch of friends. Im looking for class which is not difficult too much(Srams traps seems complicated at low levels).

Can you guys give me some hints about that classes? For example: Sram, full intelligence, low lvl combo tricky trap+tricky blow. 

Sorry for the language mistakes, if there are some Polish players it will be nice if you can send me a message smile
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I'm a huge believer in playing what you enjoy. That said, I'd recommend the sacrier based on what you have said.

Both sram and sac have great damage, but traps are a little troublesome in PvE as monsters often seem to know how to avoid them. And if you are using Yosh (cc idol) monsters would get a dangerous dmg boost by setting off your traps that are not next to you. So the Sacrier playstyle might be a better fit.

So let me go out on a limb here. Sacrier, any element; or just go agi since it has such great equipment throughout the levels (Toady Set, Mad Tofu Cloak, later on MP weapons... and past lvl 150 you can go with any custom set).

But once again, if you try any class and find you just love it, play that! smile
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Thanks for reply. At the moment im gonna check Sram maybe to 60+. I really enjoyed playstyle, but lack of aoe or some life steal hurts. Also if playstyle will not be for me ill just swap class. Can someone give some tips for sram for actuall patch? Thanks
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