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Huppermage vs Sram

By -Venusette-#5700 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 06, 2020, 15:53:16

I would like to play a class that does well solo in PVE (although I don't want to count PVP completely out incase I change my mind in the future), which is tactical/strategic (requires thought and planning) and versatile. I also quite enjoy map manipulation. 

I have been trying a few of the classes out, but can't seem to settle between Sram and Huppermage. Which of these do you think would suit best? Other recommendations are also welcome. 

Thank you!
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srams are good for both pvm and pvp. Especially because of invisibility they are good if you are going to pvm by yourself. Also for questing they are good.

Also keep in mind, huppers are getting a huge nerf next update. 
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Thank you! smile 
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