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Team class pvm help

By tincuta#2958 - SUBSCRIBER - August 04, 2020, 16:57:38
Returning player looking for a good pvm team class 4-6 characters suggestions.
Ty very much for your help ^^
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I recommend 4 man team.

If you enjoy playing ranged classes go -> Cra+Enu+Panda+X class (whatever you enjoy the most)

If you preffer melee classes go -> Panda+Feca+Ouginak+Iop

This doesn't mean you can't play other classes, but for the most part those are the most efficient ones.
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It really depends on your goals. If you’re playing casually I’d say whatever you have the most fun with. If you want to go for all the achievements then you’ll want a panda with a tank set option, and you’ll probably want a cra for its ranged pushing ability. Ranged is more useful than melee in almost all end game dungeons.

Other than panda and cra, an enu that can take MP is a good option but not required. I like Eni - the total damage added to the team through the AP buff, on top of Eni’s own damage, makes it a high damage dealing class on top of having healing and MP boosting. But really, outside of panda and cra, you can probably play whatever you’ll have fun with. But make sure you have some way to heal - in some fights you can’t avoid taking lots of damage.

You could use more complex classes such as xelor, elio, or rogue and do quite well, but they aren’t necessary for anything and can be unreliable due to the complexity unless you’re really good with them.
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iop, eni, panda, elio
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If op is returning i don't think Elio is a good choice. Learning curve is huge and requires time to really make that team comp work efficiently. 
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Once you want a team, you want a panda!
So first of all, if you are going with 4 or more characters. You want map control, dmg boosts, tanking.
A panda can take care of that smile (Vuln = 30% dmg boost on that monster to all your characters)

Now there's the fun part. plenty of fun classes to play around.

Perhaps you'd like a cra ? Do tons of damage from far away and manipulate mobs from range while you boost your whole team's range
Now you want to keep your distance, a panda can help throw some people back, unless you like it to tank the mob while your cra picks it off.
But we might want an Enu here ? The master of keeping mobs at bay!
2 Extra AP without expensive exo gear ? Oh ye let's top it off with some epic power buffs and healing:
Sounds good ? Perhaps you'd like an eni on your team
Want to do the highest most broken damage in the game ? Add an eliotrope. If you are up for the challenge of course smile
Hey, that panda sounds fun, but how would it help on the damage part ? Well a nice Rogue with some charged up bombs could make your panda really scary!!! not to mention combined with a rogue, you don't control the map. You own it.
Maybe bombs aren't your thing ? You're here to smash right ? not to babysit a couple bombs.
Well watch out if you go smashing! There's really strong monsters in the world of Dofus now, you might enjoy picking up a masq, watch the tears in the royal gobbal's eyes as he tries to eat trough it's shields on your whole team!
Perhaps shielding around isn't your thing ? A feca! When that little tofu winks as it tries to kill your team mate you just tell him NOPE and make him invulnerable for a couple turns with the massive damage reduction spells.
I don't need any of that! I'm a stealthy assassin! Sounds like you ? Check out a Sram! chain up traps as you keep silent and push a monster in to trigger over 9000.

In the end. 

Make sure you balance your team a bit, have some tanking, support, damage, map control. Make sure you pick some classes that seem fun to you

Popular and strong synergies
(^The classics)

I could pretty much list thousands here, still hope I helped a bit. 

Make sure you can stay alive, while manipulation the map and killing a monster every turn 

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