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Level 200 sadida, but what now?

By 15Giliano51#3487 - SUBSCRIBER - August 22, 2020, 03:26:29
Hey all, i dinged 200 after so many years.
Now i do some quest etc to get omega but sometimes it gets boredz

I play solo on echo, and i want to ask you guys what else is there to do past 200 what is fun.

Except farming kamas etc, what keeps u hyped to play even past 200 to get those omega levels cause most of the time when i log i just sit by zaap and fall asleep in real life cause of dofus music T-T
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There’s quests (especially dofus quests), optimizing set, getting new sets or variants for different use cases, and achievements in general. I hope they add a matchmaking system as in kolo but for dungeons, for the solo players.
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