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4 Man Team HELP

By Expando#2110 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - September 04, 2020, 22:14:00
 Hi guys. I already have Omni Cra and INT, AGI swapable Roque. I wanna make 4 man team but i need help with choice.
 I wanna have tank Panda in my team and some healer/support class.  I am thinking about Ecaflip or Eniripsa. What is your opinion? Any ideas or TIPS? 
Thank you for advice.
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tank, support 2x dmg dealer is best i guess.
So panda, eni/eca, cra and the 4th class can be anything, I know cha feca is nice for pvm, you can also add an enu with litle mp reduction as 4th class
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