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Returning player needs help by deciding duo class

By Warlock-Draigo#1279 - SUBSCRIBER - October 06, 2020, 15:57:29
Hey all. Me and a friend wanted to come back to game and play duo together. We used to play ( me : eca and him : oug) both as damage dealers. This time we want to start a new charackter on Ilyzaelle since its a mono account server. I would be very happy to see any suggestion for a duo team comps. We are looking for classes to do %60 pvm and %40 pvp. 
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if you are aiming for endgame content go for panda rogue duo which can handle most of the high-level dungeon. (rogue places bombs and panda throws mobs into the glyph between the mobs.) if you wanna experience the game instead of grinding go for whatever you like most. since there are spell variations now each class can adapt each other better than before . also keep that in mind if you are gonna play together it means you gonna use same idol sets so there are 2 sets that meta one for close combat one for ranged fighters. you should pick on the same style characters to benefit idols efficently.
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