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Brainstorming a 8 man team

By haba-haba#9533 - SUBSCRIBER - October 23, 2020, 01:06:33
So i have recently come back to the game, and have been thinking if i wanted to make an 8 man team but can't think of an 8th that i think would complement the ones i would want in the team.

Currently have:
Pandawa - str/cha
Eniripsa - int
Ecaflip - agi/cha
Enutrof - cha/wis
Rouge - agi/str
Ouginak - str/int
Cra - omni/wis

if you have any suggestions for the 8th man that would be great or any other changes i would be open to them.

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I always love myself a good Xelor (AP Buff and AP Removal, Positioning for allies and enemies and generally good dmg, especially omni -- It will hurt your brain though) or a Sadi for spread-AoE in Str/Agi or Heal/Off Meta DMG in Cha/Int. Your team covers everything already anyway, which makes it hard to fit more in ;-)
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