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4 men unusual team.

By Mitcap#9292 - SUBSCRIBER - November 29, 2020, 19:28:46
Hi guys,

I am an old player coming back. I wanted to start a 4 player team from scratch but I wanted to try out some of the new classes (new for me at least). I don't know them really well so I wanted to ask if they would work good together.

I was thinking something like
agi masqueraider / panda (probably chance) / foggernaut which, as I understand, can heal reasonably well/ some damage dealing build of elio.

I would really like to try the elio and panda which seem pretty fun to play with, but I could swap the other two for something that makes more sense.

I don't want the most op team possible, but something I would have fun with. Of course I want them to hit hard thought smile. let me give you some summary of what I think about the other classes (This are just uninformed opinions of my part so don't take them too seriously).

I wouldn't want to play cra/iop/eni because I have played a lot with them before and, to me, it seems that they are some of the least interesting classes (just hit and pass). The ougi seems to be very much the same, hit and pass, iop type, but I have never play it. I have played xelor a lot as well so it wouldn't be my first choice (although the mechanics of it have change a lot since dofus 1, so maybe could be fun). The hupper and rogue seem quite tricky (and expensive builds), and also I don't think the rouge bombs and the elio will work well together. I already have another team that includes a sacri and enu so I wouldn't like to take those classes. I could go Feca/Eca/Osa or Sadi which are classes I haven't played a lot but those were already in dofus 1 so I am not sure. Lastly, I hate srams, I think they rely in getting invisible and having this super long fights with poison things and trap things, hate being a sram, hate fighting against srams hate everything about them (hahah sorry to the sram fans).

Anyway, in summary: I like elio/panda, looking for a fun 3rd and 4th.

Thanks for answering
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