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8 man team advise needed

By bing-bong#9319 - SUBSCRIBER - January 25, 2021, 02:27:37
Hello I have returned to the game again and down the line I would like an 8 man pvm team but I just can't make up my mind on the last 4 spots. What I want to have are:

Iop - Str
Sram - Agi
Rouge - Int
Panda - Vit/res

If you have any suggestions on what would complement these 4 it would be greatly appreciated thanks for any info you can give me.
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Try to follow a logical set up, i try to follow the ff14 system of 4 dps/2 tank and 2 support. 
In dofus how ever these lines are extremely blurred between classes and builds, for example is your panda going for dps or tank or support? It's a really unique game style they have made and one you can't really go to wrong with when picking a team as long as you think it's fun! 
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IMO you need an Eni for sure in any 8 man team. I ran Xel/Cra/Sram/Enu/Eni/Panda/Feca/Masq and I loved it. Most people prefer having rogue + iop + elio (insane dps), but I was more focused towards survivability than straight damage. Enu is super useful, as is a feca or a masq 
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