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But why?

By hemyani#8441 - SUBSCRIBER - May 08, 2021, 00:00:14
Dear Ankama game designers,

Once upon a time, there was a class so well designed, so elegant in its lore, an artform, a true masterpiece.. So much so that other MMORPGs could never begin to imitate.

Of course I am referring to Srams.

Srams went through so many series of inexplicable nerfs under the propaganda known as "balancing". We Srams endured this farce for far too long. But, I will not ignore the 1 nerf that ruined modern Srams.... And that is of course the nerf to Chakra Concentration in Update 2.59.

This spell was arguably the most balanced spell in the game. Indeed, it dealt a relatively small amount of damage (as life steal) per trap triggered, which seemed fair. However, Srams who mastered this spell knew that there was much more to this spell than meets the eye; it could be used to support other Srams. Now the small amount of damage could be triggered by other Srams as well, resulting in what people jealous of this class would call "exploit". Sure enough, news of this "exploit" caught someone's attention at Ankama, and thus came the nerf known to Srams as The Great Nerf.

In my eyes, this was never an exploit. This technique was almost never used in PVP, and it required so much setup to be effective in PVM. Yet, I made it my cause in life to perfect this technique, and so I did. However, it all came to an end after The Great Nerf.
To be very clear, the nerf to Chakra Concentration that I am referring to is the following:
1) Spell cooldown increased from 2 to 3.
2) The "Chakra Concentration State" no longer activate when used by multiple Srams.

Both of these nerfs have no justification in the "balancing" propaganda brought about in Update 2.59. The "balancing" was supposed to affect Srams in 1 vs 1 scenarios. This "exploit" is impossible to use with only 1 Sram to begin with. Thus it had no effect on the performance of Srams in 1 vs 1. Yet it was nerfed.

I would really like to hear Ankama's game designers' thoughts on this...

In the mean time, I could only suggest some improvements moving forward to make Srams the masterpiece that it was always meant to be, and these suggestions are obviously aimed exclusively at buffing the spell Chakra Concentration. These are:

2) The "Chakra Concentration State" should activate (like it used to before Update 2.59) when used by multiple Srams.

**End of rant**
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"The "balancing" was supposed to affect Srams in 1 vs 1 scenarios."

Ankama have stated in the past that they will not balance the game based on 1vs1 PvP. 
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