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Adding a new class

By amir123#5741 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 24, 2021, 17:24:10
I have the feeling that the time has come to announce a new class. It has been a while since the last time a new class came out and I have the feeling that both pvm and pvp players would be keen on this. Exploring a new class is always fun and would give a lot of life to the game.
Could you let me know whether ankama has thought about this or even is in the progress of making a new class?

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Can you add more water to a full glass?
The current system is at its optimum performance. 
I have a feeling that they would add major contents when the game upgrade to unity. 
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Yes! Bring it on!!!
One new class, to be either a lil or a lil more too weak compared to others, or a lil or a lil more too strong compared to others!
Then, ofc, rerere...rererevamp all classes all over again!
Yay!!! Can't wait!!! kiss
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Personally I think they have their hands full with smoothing out the current class new character designs and moving the game to Unity, which they hinted it would be soon, but not this year, (my feeling is it will be after the new years but before February's Sain Ballotin and March's Saint Potricks pensive )

Then there are also the rest of Vulkania, the closure of the 2 Heroic servers, the push to breath new life into Jahash, Al Howins and Kwismas (and maybe an Advent Calendar this year) to contend with for just the rest of this year alone, as long as no other big events are created.
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