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Huppermage or not huppermage. That is the question

By Zeviru#8962 - SUBSCRIBER - October 27, 2021, 16:21:59
Hello everyone! biggrin

I have been playing with a huppermage in Illyzaelle for the last 3 years and am getting back into the game at the moment after a year off after getting my account hacked and losing everything. I am putting my agility huppermage back together as it is cheap and I don't have many kamas but I feel at the moment that the damage the huppermage does is a bit low. I understand that they had a nerf a little while ago and modified it in a certain way and I wonder and is it still worth it to keep playing with a huppermage at level 200. My focus is not PvP, what I like and am most interested in is doing all the quests, getting all the dofus and doing all the achievements and I wonder if even after nerfs it is still a good race in all these aspects. I've even considered the possibility of changing my class in case it's not as viable as before in what I'm looking for. I just want a fun and complicated class that is totally self-sustainable for questing and achievements. To be able to do all the dofus without problem and play quietly but at the same time to be able to play in a group if necessary being viable. 

When considering switching I was thinking about playing with a Xelor, Elio, Osa, Roublard and Steam as they are the classes that catch my attention. I would only change if the huppermage was really worse than before. I would appreciate any opinion about what I say about the huppermage because after the update and the nerf to the hupper there are not many posts that talk about this. And if it is true that this is worse it would be helpful if you could give me opinions against the other classes I say. 

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