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Current state of Kolossium: serious issues that need to be resolved

By Bloody-Shuffle#1371 - SUBSCRIBER - March 23, 2022, 05:22:31
Hi everyone,

I wanted to start an open discussion on the current status of PvP as it pertains to kolossium. 
  1. There is a significant imbalances in terms of utility and flexibility certain classes offer (I'm especially referring to Xelor, Rogue, and Osa which have high ban rates in KTA). In this most recent patch, Eca and Feca were nerfed, but there are classes that were much more in need of nerfs.
  2. Parry system is clearly in favor of the reductor based on the current formula. Furthermore, many classes can AP Red while doing significant damage. Logically, there should be a more significant tradeoff for going full "cancer" mode, which is currently not clearly the case.
  3. There is a clear problem in the match making formula, especially in solo 3v3 kolo. For example, I am a 4.8-4.9k rating player, yet I get players with <4k rating (who are often undergeared). This leaves winning or losing to luck and not to skill. I understand that the current system is in place to reduce wait time. However, more work needs to be done to balance wait time and player matching.
  4. There is a clear disconnect between rating and league placement. Many players are abusing this by tanking rating and then winning to get legends. What is the issue with having a division system linked to rating like in other games? Getting legends currently feels like a participation trophy.

In more general terms, I think changes made to the game were much healthier when Ankama sent in game surveys and got player opinions (2019). There has not been an active effort (or at least it has not been obvious) to actively communicate with the community (broadcasts do not count). This is especially a problem in the international server. For example. it is a rare event to see a moderator on our servers. Their direct community interaction is extremely limited.

With the best intentions of improving our experiences,

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Eca and Feca definitely needed nerfs, that's for sure. Xelors need them more though, I definitely agree. So do sadidas, they are way too cancer and people never use any other builds than MP reduction ones in pvp. This should change. Not sure about osa and rogue as I am not doing pvp that often anymore since it's too cancerous and toxic.
Well, these are my 2 cents smile
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Should definitely make a stronger correlation between rating and league points.
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I think pushback builds in general are becoming too powerful after direct damage spell nerfs. For example, with a class like foggers being able to reach from anywhere with very little ap. Zerker tanks like ougis need more revision imo. As do Sadi's, their poison is far too easy to set up for damage and high mp/ap red.
Although changes can make PvM too hard, unless a player is willing to spend countless hours farming for a new set it can take too long to optimize for PvP.
Also the idea of being able to choose a element with variants is kinda lost on some classes, due to nerfs making certain elements much stronger.
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I don't see your first point. There will always be classes that are just better than others, even when you nerf classes that are now considered pillars or very strong. Other classes will benefit from the power creep and take their place as top classes. It is simply the nature of the game, and you cannot prevent it. A good example of this is feca (which got buffed and not nerfed btw) which was not considered a pillar until recently, solely because of classes like sacrier and osa getting nerfed too much, something else took their place of being a top tier class. 

I somewhat agree with your 2nd point. I do not think ap rape is that op if it's only 1 char cos you can manage it well with parry, an ap buffing class or by playing smart. It is classes like sadi or enu enabling them to do extra dmg that needs revisiting.

about your third point, this is done to reduce queues. I have gotten matched up with players below 3,5k rating while I was at 5k+ just so it balances out and faster matches are provided. This is unfair and I hate it, but I don't know any better alternative, queues are already dumb long at high rating.

I completely agree about your fourth point, I cringe whenever I see people with around 4k rating claiming they are the best player on that class just because they are legend or 'top ranked player'. Needs to be fixed asap.
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