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God tier solo for monoserver?

By insane-dodgie#9047 - SUBSCRIBER - July 03, 2022, 02:53:17
I'm after huge break from dofus. 
need suggestions for best class to get solo most things in the game. I mean pvm/achivments. Thanks
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eliotrope is good for survivability and damage
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My suggestions would be:

Cra: High range and easy too keep enemies away
Sram: Invisibility and sometimes you can outplay the AI with traps
Eliotrope: Hard to learn, but the portals can offer high range and mobility

Other classes that might be good solo are something like Sacrieur or Cha-Eniripsa with their high life-steal/self-heal.
Or classes that can use summons to distract enemies like Sadida, Osamodas, Foggernaut, etc.
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What about huppermage guys? 

What about huppermage guys? 
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I don't have a lot of experience with huppermage.
They have a lot of tools so they can fit in a lot of situations.

But it probably depend on the element(s) you choose.
Water might be harder since it has very low range.
While the shielding and mobility from Fire sounds very useful.

If there is a class you really want to play/try, just go for it.
Pretty much every class is able to do like 80% of the dungeon solo sooner or later.

In the late-game dungeons you will almost always need a group.
There are some mad lads that do late-game-dungeons solo, but this often needs a specific class/element/tactic-combination specifically made for that one dungeon. 

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