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Broken spells

By Authodim#4106 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - September 27, 2022, 16:58:25
Feca's shields are a joke to counter unless you can constantly unbewitch they can jump gravity/lock you ap remove shields for everything removes all damage for 1 turn, teleports..
Srams go invisible for 3?? (wtf) turns place traps can one shot you from anywhere.
Sadiddas are just broken look at the leaderboard also Xelors and then you have this new panda that can play a tank cra this needs fixing constantly fighting broken classes and people are taking advantage of them, is the world of 5 now..?

Went against 20+ Srams recently won 1, they all go invisible use a summon to directly damage you with and you just move around for 3 turns trying to hit it by then you're too low health to do anything, when I manage to make them visible they hit harder than iops (why do they even need invisible wtf??), can you make any sense what so ever how this is a fair class in pvp.......

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practically if you take away the abilities you just complained about from those classes, they are no better than a lvl 200 monster
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The PvP-Meta in this game is often not dependent on your equipment, but on your class.

So if you really want to play (and win) a lot of PvP, you have to get used to either changing you class every few patches when the meta changes, or leveling multiple characters. 
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