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Lancedur Beta changes - My thoughts

By spontaneous-combustion#2964 - SUBSCRIBER - December 05, 2022, 07:07:09
Lancedur got nerfed to the ground on beta... harder nerfs than buffs.

- Rampart dmg red shield duration 2>1 turn, on a 3t cd WTF
- Jormun 2>3ap, useable once a turn RIP cha no LoS nuke builds
- Kyrja/Vajra not useable on 1st turn - doesn't affect 3v3 much so w/e
- Chevalerie no longer gives unlockable state RIP

Buffs (imo)
- Fer rouge is now castable on the lance, meaning hybrids like agi/int nomarrow would be nice
- Pluie D'Airain 4>2ap, lower base dmg but is castable on the lance HUGE buff for agi builds as you can combo it with Moulin a vent, capable of doing 2.5k no LoS with 8 ap in a pure agi build
- Elding is useable every turn, 4ap no LoS great base dmg cha spell. Was on a 1t cd previously.

Bring back the 2t rampart at least Ankama! Sacriers get free damage sustain and final damage, feca's get a 3 turn duration fortification shield...

Also bring back x2 2ap jormuns a turn! Want to be able to deal 4k from 12 range, no LoS to cunts in 1v1!

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