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Bought ogrines to change class (20,000) and having this issue?

By xthedemonx#3392 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - December 26, 2022, 20:21:23
I paid too much to be having this issue am i missing something here?
Having an error saying “You cannot create a character from that class as you do not have access to it” for the forgelance class, I literally made a low level character and I’m having this issue to change to this class now.

Fyi I am subscribed
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Hi there,

At this time, the class change potion cannot be used to change to the Forgelance class. This is one of the disclaimers on the shop listing.
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That is a huge bummer when will it be able to?
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They said in the main post about the new class Forgelance on 14th November 2022
"Note: When the new class is added to the game, you won't be able to change class to become a Forgelance. Temporis experience potions can't be used on a Forgelance character."
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