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By Graiggoo December 31, 2006, 03:01:25

What Is Good Equipment For Level 63 Xelor? At The Moment I Have Prespic Set And Red Scara. What's Better. Or Any Other Suggestions?

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if you're int maybe consider a fire kwak set

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Fire kwak is an option however it can be quite expensive for what it gives. You can always stick with red scara, it's not amazing but it does the job, and once you hit lvl 70 and get mummification that combined with the 3x% fire resist red scara gives you should have no problem with any int based characters your lvl.

My advise is to save your money until you reach a higher lvl. In 20-30 levels you'll have access to some pretty nice equips. It's a good idea to save for the feudala set which is a must for mid lvl (90-110) int chars.

Another option is to go str hybrid, however you may not be high enough to be able to take advantage of this. at lvl 90 you can get a pretty decent str set up, terrdala, grazor fantal hammer etc. Tends to be a little cheaper than int as well. It's totally up to you though, str is an option but you'll probably find if you have the patience to create a nice set for int it will pay off.

So yeah, kinda gone a little too far there, i recommend sticking with red scara for now, maybe upgrade to better stats and invest in a +80 int bow meow if you have not already. Meanwhile you can save up for items in later lvls.

Hope that helps,
Groach - 127 Xelor

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