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Poisons Vs. Armours

By moorsy June 23, 2007, 14:59:42

As a livid fan of Fecas, I have to ask why poisons hurt them.
I'm well aware that the update that changed this was quite some time ago(1.17), yet it's been constantly irking me ever since. It used to be such that we could be safe from poison (bar a few) and moves that damaged every turn. Then the update changed everything.
Yet I found that I could fight such enemies as Arachnawas and Grass Snakes if my Earth and Aqueous amours were strong enough to have normally blocked the damage. This allowed me to train on other things than those god-forsaken piglets. For this reason, I could finally solo a dungeon, even if it was mainly full of bulbs, as the Grass Snake would not attack me. This seemed to change recently as even the lowest level snakes would use Sucking - Oh I hate that move - and I would die within 3 turns.

My arguement, if lacking substance, is this: A feca is renowned for his (or her) ability to prevent damage. Multi-turn damage is supposed to be weaker than other types, yet any low level feca will likely avoid mushmush for their paralysing poison. I lost numerous fights against treechnids because I was surrounded enemies and the mushmush uses their infamous poisons. Visits to Wabbit Island were dramatically reduced after the 1.17 update as Tiwabbit Wosungrees would still cast Wave of Panic. Unfortunately. Equally, on the topic of that attack, the same happened with crocodyls. Occasionally, I would fight Plain Cracklers, yet now their seismic punch does all 60-120 dmg, completely ignoring the shields. Arachnawas and Grass Snakes, I have already ranted about, whilst unblockable damage will waste time stating the same thing.

Moreover, Dofus is not just about fighting monsters, one can also kill friend and foe alike. Ecaflips, for instance, have three spells which can penetrate armours completely. Roulette, a powerfull paralysing poison, is learned at level one. All or Nothng, on a critical hit, damages through shields too (If the damage was to be reduced, this could heal the Feca, making this a potentially good team move). Fate of Ecaflip, the level 100 spell, is unblockable AND unreflectable on a critical (1/30-25). Sadidas, equally, have spells that pierce a Feca's defences: Earthquake and Poisoned Wind. I think these attacks explain themselves. Finally, the oft-mentioned Poisoned Trap - just because it's annoying.

The reasons we, as followers of the kind Goddess, believe that shouldn't be so include the description as one creates a Feca:

This class owns the most efficient spells of protection.
A Master of this class can cross battlefields and come out of them without a scratch though he underwent the most violent assaults.
Feca respects her disciples and protects them from enemy hits, bad weather and diseases.

It's not like the shields can reduce masses of damage anyway, or they would've been seen as extremely unfair (rightfully so). But this seriously resticts the variety of enemies low to mid-levels (below 70) can fight. Most people's views of Fecas are that they can block damage, yet as dofus continues on, it's becoming more like 'the class that might, if they are lucky, reduces damage by about 30'. Shields are what makes a Feca. Losing those, we are practically nothing.
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Didn't the devs already change Fate of Ecaflip such that it can be blocked by immunity now? not sure about the seismic punch thing
and although fecas are the shield class, every defense should have a weakness
it would be kinda unfair that u can block EVERYTHING
although they probaly should change that bit of the description,cus i think they made that part b4 the poison through shields thing

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I'm not saying they should block everything (most damages are higher than the shields can block), just that they should have a chance to block.

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