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By Nunern July 11, 2007, 19:33:58

Level: 45
Class: Eniripsa
Equip: Dunno
Rich: Nope

I need hints about different equip builds I could use. Im a full supported healing eniripsa, so I dont need masive dmg dealing stuff. I think alittle about fire kwak set. But it costed so much and it not so great. Then I saw larva set. It give alot +heal points. Red scara set is ok for intelligence, but it not good for enis at all. Then I saw golden scara set. Good int and + heal stuff. But I cant use all the pieces yet. So what should i go for? A set or different pieces. If anyone here could come with some names of different int/heal equipment that kick ass on enis. I would be greatfull. Also a ~ price would be good, so I dont get tricked when im buying the stuff. The equipments dont need to be lvl 45-. Everything under lvl 55 is good, because I will lvl up fast and buy stuff when I get lvls.

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My main is a level 55 eni. and personally scara is really helpful, it gives alot of intellegence which helps healing. Also you want a a pet that you can get intel with. Also with scara you can add more things to get intel and heals. I'm not that rich of a character either. So it took me awhile to get stuff, so get rid of everything you have you are sure you don't need and sell it.

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If you're looking at level 55 equipment, you may as well look at ~60. There's a lot of good eni equipment that opens up around that level.

My Eni used Guavhat (46), Hooded Cloak (58), Merta (59)/Ring O'Stradamus (48), Red Turtle Belt (60), Kam Assutra (43), Golden Scara Boots (54), Clearing Balgourde (63). Star's Custard Tart is a better amulet, but it's fairly expensive. I don't really know current prices on these, it's been a while since I used them.

Full Golden Scara set isn't bad either, but you may want to switch out the wand for some fights.

Here are a couple helpful sites that I use for set building:

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At 40, I hit the larva set with kwak bits at 42. FULL larva set (inc wand which I never use)

My eni is a true support eni. If she don't need to heal, then she passes her turn. Has never done damage to anything.

She can heal about 250/turn with revitalizing and 8AP.

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