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Whats a good xelor build?

By Raponi#4797 - SUBSCRIBER - October 20, 2007, 23:45:00

Hi, i just want to know a good xelor build, what to raise and stuff.. Please help me. Post away!

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i have a Xelor, and i have found that int and hand with xelor sandglasses is a good combination

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Really? Because i see xelors with dark ray ( lvl 21-22 xelor ) that hit like 47-50 with dark ray !! and i see them hit like 25's with sandglass.. I've never seen a xelor above lvl 15 use hand.

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  • raises hand* I'm a Xelor above level 15 who uses Hand (level 64 to be exact).

Here's an imaginary scenario example that might help to show why I prefer Hand to Dark Ray:

Xelor 1 - uses Dark Ray
Xelor 2 - uses Hand

Turn 1

  • Xelor 1 isn't lined up/in range of monster - must pass
  • Xelor 2 - uses Hand since range is greater - 25 damage

Turn 2

  • Xelor 1 is lined up - Dark Ray - 45 damage!
  • Xelor 2 - uses Hand again - 30 damage

End result

  • Xelor 1 - total 45 damage
  • Xelor 2 - total 55 damage

I've never leveled Dark Ray and I never use it and I have 0 regrets
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Well, the question was what is a good xelor build... not what spell to level for an intel xelor, so let's back up.

Xelors are one of the few classes that can be made with any elemental build and still be strong. Intel, Chance, Agi, or Str are all viable builds with different advantages and limitations... and don't forget the wisdom xelor also!

Which one of these builds is for you? That depends mainly on the style of play that you enjoy, whether this is a character you imagine leveling very high, or one you're going to mess around with until lvl 40 and then start something new... how much money you have, etc.

Intel Xelor - The most common xelor build, has many different attack spells, and after lvl 70 has good dmg reduction with mummy. Most weapons need to be forged for fire damage. If you are an intel xelor, do NOT level dark ray. It's a crap spell, no high lvl xelors use it. That's the one problem there is with being an intel xelor, you have so many different spells, you can't level everything, and dark ray is #1 on the list of spells not to level. Hand is used a lot by high lvl intel xelors, and can hit close to 200 damage once you level up. Nonlinear is the big plus on this spell. Dark ray is not worth it for the 4AP cost. Sandglass, yes, level it. Very important spell. 2AP cost when you level it... base damage is low, but eventually you'll have a lot of +dmg and intel from your gear and you'll be dealing out over 100 damage with it for 2AP. Even at low damage, it's a 2AP fire attack that steals AP. Intel xelors do not need to be scrolled, so they are inexpensive, easy, and very good for a beginner. Lower damage potential than agi or strenght xelor though.

Strength Xelor - Good close combat xelor. Hammers dont need to be maged for them, and Xelor's punch is a very very powerful spell. You dont get it until lvl 90 though... so you're stuck with hammering stuff until then. Not a problem if you're gonna have some high lvl friend leech you to lvl 90. The problem with xelor's punch is linear and low range... but the damage! I've seen hits over 350 with it... probly over 400 is not uncommon, but the high AP cost is tricky, and close combat doesnt deal out the damage it used to. Still a viable build, but definitely took a hit with the 1.20 update. Not recommended for a first time player.

Agility Xelor - Very good build all around. You get both of your air attacks by lvl 17, and they do good damage. If you are serious about your character thhen you really need to scroll agi to 101 before dumping points into it, as the soft caps on agi for xelors are very harsh, but even if you are just casual player and do not scroll, this is a fun and very strong build. Shrivelling is kinda like dark ray, but much much much better. Why? AP cost is only 3. That means even before you get devotion, you're getting in 2 attacks per turn. Other advantages of agility build: you can dodgelock things (or escape from dodgelocks), you get bonuses to your crit hits from agility, and later on you can get the special spell Moon Hammer to deal massive damage at range. There is also excellent agility gear available at all levels. Downsides to agi build: you will probably have pretty low vitality (most lower lvl agi gear gives no HP), mummy will offer you very little protection, and there arent really any good weapons for you until high lvls, so you will be very spell-dependent. (this is my build btw, I am lvl 148 now, and i hit about 100-140 with frostbite, 150-220 with shrivelling, and up to 750 dmg with moon hammer... that's all per hit... meaning I can do 450-650 damage per turn with shriveling from a range of 8... my weapon is luhene hammer and i can deal over 1100 damage per turn even with the skill nerf from update 1.20)

Chance/Wisdom Xelor - Usually, these are wisdom xelors using chance as their attack element. Dont know if I've seen any pure chance xelors out there, but I'm sure there are. Like strength xelors, you ddo not get your first (and only) attack spell until lvl 80 - that spell is Clock. It does massive damage and steals AP (giving them to you, which is rad)... again it is linear spell and not very long range. What makes this harder than STR xelor even, is that water based options for hammers really kind of suck at low levels also, so you're stuck with no weapons and no spells. Usually these guys are really wisdom xelors though, which means they hit lvl 80 in no time. Lots of nice chance/wisdom gear in the game, but not until relatively high lvl. Ancestral Tree Set for example, in your lvl 11x's. If you are a wisdom xelor, you absolutely have to have to have to scroll wisdom to 101 before spending any points, and never ever ever spend any points on anything but wisdom. Everything about this build is dependent of having the most wisdom possible. you max out spells like counter and blinding protection, and you can steal AP like crazy. A very high lvl wisdom xelor can defeat any other character in the game. I dont care if you are a lvl 200 eca, you arent going to do any damage with 0AP. The damage from wis/chance xelors is not phenomonal, but they win because they reflect damage so well, and because they can prevent attacks on them. Very difficult build to use if you are leveling by yourself at low to mid lvls though.

So, my recommendation forr you, if you are relatively new to the game is to either make an Intel Xelor, or an Agility Xelor. There shoudl be build guides for both of these in the forum here to get more details on them.

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