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Cra Strengh and critical Hit

By AgUsTinPoWeRs January 22, 2008, 11:34:36

Hi Again, some time ago I didn't know what to do with my cra, now I'm 85 and I'm not sure at all, my equipment:

King Jellix's Crown 221 vit +5CH
Chafeuse belt +9CH and good stats
Young Valds rings +3CH and decent stats( X2)
Farle's Ears +2CH
Legendary Cracklerocape +3CH
Orino Boots
Fishing Bow and Boris +5CH
Pet Bwak +67Strengh

Also I have:
Farle's Wedding Ring (req. lvl 87)
Gelano( I can't wear because of criticals...)

I scroleed Chance , by now I have until 70 and put all my points to strengh
I'm thinking if its better to replace fishing bow and put Maydhyn China Daggers( but have the problem of Agility>150 and my agility base is only 50...)

What to do with my belt? Ancestral??
I'm from ALMA, sorry if you have problems to understand me, but i'm spanish you know ;(..


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As Cra lvl 111 str/crit - I advice u use at 100 Chiefbwork Belt, +agi,+wis,+str,+vit,+ch,+pp(for drops) change boots to for Farle's Hooves +ch,+str,+agi,+vit, some resists,nice magical reduction kinda usefull(still using them) wink also u can get 2nd Farle's Wedding Ring ( its better then your Young Vald's ring ,(more ch,str,vit,wis). Hmm i think you should keep fishing, daggers aren´t bad tho, but they are close attack ,not as bow on long range, anyway you can use Daggers/Bow if you have skills,and Capital Points ,you choose.

Thats all for now Atm. perhaps it Might help you. Shoot-Yu :>
Sorry if u find any mistakes in my text x)

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thanks for your opinion, I also think that farle's hooves are better than orino but isn't easy to get it wink
I will think about keeping fishing and also i make consider Chiefbwork Belt.

Thanks platinum

Att. lachiki Cra 87

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