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INT Cra question.

By Erthafein January 24, 2008, 14:34:20

I'm fairly new to the game and I thought I'd ask the experts for some advice.
I've managed to get get to the mid-30's fairly easily. I have a full gobball set and a prespic/robber combo set. I got the second for damage and XP, tho the second seems to have about the same damage as the gobball set.

Anyway, the question I had was what gear should I be looking at next? I need to have some kind of goal set in front of me other than leveling.

Thanks for the help in advance.

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well your main target will be getting to 8ap as soon as possible to cast two magic arrows per turn.
So if you are really rich then a fire kwak set with a kammy will be the best option.
Or you could use the other +ap items but they will penalize your stats before lvl 60.

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Well many players like me use "Double log"
Which means getting two characters you control on screen together fighting.
All you need is gobbal set and another character preferably a Eni or Xelor.
But that was long time ago. and not sure you can do that.

Otherwise Kwak set (no amulet) with Kam Assutra amulet is the best, it will give you 8 AP and 4 MP. Though your power is limited since magic arrow depends on your int.
Also im sure there was a summoner ring but they may be totally useless since you don't summon. (It may be for Osa's only but not sure)

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You need a prespic set with atleast 100 wisdom, because trust me i have a mid-high lvl intel cra and lvls 40-90 are hell to lvl..

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prespic for wisdom is a good idea, but you'll be much weaker with your damages. Fire Kwak set is HELLA expensive, perhaps you should start with Red Scara set, fill in the blanks with Fire Kwak pc's until you can swap out the Scara for either Fire Kwak complete set, or something else later on down the road.

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