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Old player with Sadida questions

By Kevwar - SUBSCRIBER - January 31, 2008, 07:34:18

Ok, so I haven't played Dofus in over a year, but now I'm making somewhat of a comeback. So I log into my Sadida and notice that i've been given back all my skill points for Bramble, Manifold Bramble, and Sac Doll (i believe)

My question is...has much changed for the Sadida? I haven't seen any updated guides. Should I invest the points elsewhere? Lastly, is there a current guide that I can read to get back into the swing of a Sadida? Thanks!

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Im not a Sadida so Im not sure of exactly wants been changed but you should check the wikia now. Some of your spells has a 2 cast per turn limit, etc. Welcome back!

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Sadidas haven't gone through any great changes in their basic strategies in the last year, but all characters were given all their spell points back with the 1.20 update.

The major Sadida changes in 1.20 are that Bramble can only be cast twice per turn, Paralyzing Poison is now a fire spell, Bush Fire is fire/water instead of fire/earth, Aggressive Brambles can be cast once per target per turn (instead of once per 6/5/4/3/2 turns), and Knowledge of Dolls now lasts 4 turns with a 5-turn cooldown (instead of being infinite). In addition to the more-or-less global change that most spells have a non-fatal 1/100 critical failure now.

Other classes had more major changes to their spells, but everyone got their spell points back, regardless of class or build.

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