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First character - Sram?

By March 15, 2008, 11:43:30

Woop first post wink.
So I just downloaded this game, and I was wondering if someone could basically post a couple of Sram builds and general advice cos i'm kinda feeling bewildered at the moment lol. I'm seeing like pure agi, str, hybrids, even int/cha

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First, a caveat. I haven't leveled a Sram past 53, but that's more due to my own scatterbrained nature than anything else.

I like a hybrid strength/agility Sram build. I put points into just strength to about level 17, then put a little into agility (to allow myself to use better daggers), then back into strength up to 100, then agility, again. You don't do quite as much damage as a pure strength Sram, but you're a lot more slippery and tricky - your agility lets you get away from just about everything, while your double can become a very effective block.

Spell wise, I'd save your points. I level tricky blow to 3, invisibility to 5, mass traps to 5, and then start looking around for dagger skill. You only need tricky blow at level 3, because you're using it just for the knockback, and that caps out at level 3. I don't use deviousness or other ranged spells, so I don't level those (though I have seen Srams that use them, and effectively). Personally, I like the "turn invisible, lay some traps, pop out a double, then dagger" approach, and the class really delivers that way.

Welcome to Dofus, and I hope you enjoy yourself!

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