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Wrath of osamodas

By ArchDD June 03, 2008, 01:08:32

Lvl pure int or cha( scroll if you can too ) at level43 get kam astra ammy and bow in treechnid root so you will have 8AP i never been a int osa before but for my cha osa
i will have...
Piblocks hat (dora for int)
water bwak (fire bwak)
Cha set, moskito with no hat and some normal gears / intel ones if your int build

at level43 you should hit about 150 a turn with lashing twice or 125 with ghostly twice
plus your summons do damage too!

at level 54 punch of crackler! that will do alot of damage

at level136 if you are chance lashing cost 3AP! get turtle set replace its pet with good bwak, a gelano and a Shika inglass sets ammy or royal indigo ambublop or something like that you will have 9AP + about 300 cha +400cha bonus from gears doing like 450 a turn!! not just that, a crackler with high energy shot takes alot AP level animal blessing so you can cast it and prespic same turn AP rape and damage dealer or try to get 12AP attacking 4times FROM RANGE!!

Later levels PoC at level6 is only 4AP if you have 12AP you can attack 3 times doing almost 900 damage if you have high int Omfg

I havent included magus bwork and red wyrmling... with a dopple its even scary

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U think its easy create mixed character ? Osa is weak i know that but i still playing till amakna make summons better cause them are true power tongue

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..and how would you get this 12 AP without a xelor or eniripsa
even if you get all the +AP equipment together..the most you can gain would be....5, without sacrificing range or massive amounts of stats.
Unless there's a set of boots that gives AP or a pet or a dofus.
and tho everyone sees people maging more AP onto stuff, I find it hard to believe that someone would be sooo stupid that they'd sell equipment that gives +2 AP and I find it even harder to imagine someone not only having the luck of God to get an AP rune, but to mage it into the equipment on the first try.

but again, please be sure to tell me how it is that you manage to get all this Int AND AP

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I dont summon much, i chose osa for the and to get 12 AP , 6AP normally 7AP caracap? 8AP gelano? 9AP Dazzling or powerful dazzling cloak? 10AP powerful ditchy belt?11AP Ammy? 12AP +1AP weapon??? or at lvl100 for extra AP but those equips are expensive so i'd say 8-9AP happy?
oh and as for 'how you get all that int?' i'd say a good elemental bwak gives up to +80 tongue ammy, blop and royal blop ammies can give 1AP AND about 30 points depending what colour it is, maging abit more wont cost alot!
remember you can have 2 ring slots so one extra slot, scrolling cha wont cost much since you can make it and sell it for more but i guess your right getting all that AP will be too expensive, at level60 for chance osas a caracap, good caraboots and good cha caracape can give over 150cha with just 3 slots

and osas are not weak only those that dont know how to use a osa is weak, i tried fighting a lvl65 sacrier when i was lvl47, he did 150 a turn with this spell but i summoned a prespic in front of him so he cant use that powerful attack, then a gobball to block him when he tries dodge rolling he loses his turn, he attacks the gobball i healed it back and if the gobball is not hurt i attacked him with lashing claws twice doing about 100

ive beated a lvl63 xelor and lvl61 sadida at my 50s pretty easily, but i dont mean im the strongest i did lose to a lvl30 sram lame

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Try again against a Sacrier when you and the Sac are LVL130.

Osas get weaker as they level up.

9AP easy to get. more than this you must sacrifice a lot of Stats for this.

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Well ive seen a lvl130 Osamodas Beating a lvl120 Sacrier, the sacrier had 54% AP resist but he summoned a crackler and buffed it with High energy shot, it was so strong she couldnt attack at all, he also did alot of damage to back the crackler and when it was heart he healed it about 250hp, theres also Prespic and Magus bwak can blow away weaker at later levels? dont think you played properly then

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ArchDD :
(...) theres also Prespic and Magus bwak can blow away weaker at later levels? (...)

Wooo, let's all fear the almight Magus BWAK, lord of all bwaks.

Now, seriously, your plan to how to get 12 ap simply is stupid. You will end with 12 ap, no life and no intelligence. Great deal. And about Osamodas and Sacrier matches, basically the sacrier has the advantage of: 1 hit kill any of osa's summons and can even use transposition in them and get closer to the summoner. Another big deal. In an Osa x Sac match, I definetly would bet my money in the sacrier.
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What my poor-English-speaking friend here is trying to say is...getting 12 AP and alot of HP and INT at the same time is near impossible.
And the match where you saw the Osa winning against the Sacrier could have 1 of 2 reasons behind it.
1-The Sacrier was a total NOOB
2-The Osa was well funded and had great equipment while the Sacrier was a beginner character and didn't really have a "proper" stat boost.

Because I'm a lvl 65 Sacrier and I tend to win against most Osa (once against a lvl 100 but that was pure luck) it's kinda' hard for me to believe that under even conditions the Sacrier would lose >.>

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Getting 12 AP while keeping lots of intelligence and HP is almost impossible? Watch and learn:

  • Tynril Hat
  • Deadly Night Cape
  • Gelano
  • Fungal Ring
  • Amunita
  • Stringsecticide
  • Pierced Boots
  • Wand of Limbo
  • Fire Bwak

Using this set gives you:

+894-1400 Vitality
+172-310 Wisdom
+146-399 Intelligence
-30-11 Agility
+1-39 Chance
-70-21 Strength

+6-10% Damage
+21-32 Damage
+71-115 Prospecting
+23-37 Heals
+6 Summons
+3-5 Critical Hit
+502-1000 Initiative
+1 Range

+6-8 Resist air
+6-10% Resist air
+12-18 Resist water
+12-18 Resist fire
+5-7% Resist Fire
+18-28 Resist neutral
+12-20% Resist Neutral
+12-18 Resist earth
+5-7% Resist Earth

Let's see, that nets the user about

  • 12 AP
  • 5 MP
  • 2300 HP
  • 450 Wisdom
  • 800 Intelligence
  • 7 Summons. We were talking about an osa, weren't we?

Lots of people said that going for 12 AP makes for low hp and crappy int. Not true, with the equips above the user maintains about as much vit and int a high level person has (maybe a bit lower), while still getting 12 AP. The only real downside is the wand of limbo which is quite weak, so the user will have to use spells mostly.
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I'm're making a guide for people or trying to show that by lvl 200 Osa are strong?
Just an lvl 200 most Osa no longer need summonings.
Also, nobody ever said that it was impossible to get to 12 AP and have good just have rather sad INT and HP for that lvl =_=
I mean..think about much will you hit for by lvl 200 with those stats compared to a 9AP character...sure you have that 1 extra hit but will it do enough damage to cover the gap.
Either way, I want to find out if it's any good by that if you're in the Rosal server feel free to find me in game and show off...
My character name's Ryuto and I'm usually on alot during the weekend.
Good luck ^-^

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Now what are you talking about? Of course do osas need summons at level 200, otherwise people in their level range bash them straight into the ground. Why level 200, anyway? You don't even have to be near level 200 to wear this set. Also, 800 int and 2300 hp isn't that bad, is it? Especially considering you got 12 AP straight off the bat. What did you expect lvl 200s to have, 1500 int or what? The only pieces that don't give int here are the gelano and the tynril hat, and the rather sick amount of int the stringsecticide set gives compensates a lot of these about 100 int that got lost.

By the way, i'm neither on rosal, nor am i an osa.

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0.o i didnt know you can even get over 1000 int...

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Wand of Limbo, my weapon of choice at 19x.

Also the OP wanted to get 12AP at a far lower level, which is indeed impossible without the sacrifice of several stats.

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