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Official Best Class Ever!

By October 23, 2008, 16:54:31
Which class is the BEST CLASS EVER?

Short answer: All of them.

Long Answer: Ecstatic over Ecaflips? Sappy for Sacriers? In love with Iops? Here's where you can vote for the class that you think is better than all the rest! Here it is, folks. The One and Only, the New-and-Improved Official BEST CLASS EVER THREAD (now with actual up-to-date, Acu-Digit® polling software)!

So give your opinion, make your arguments, and keep it clean, because all other "Best Class" threads will be closed.

If it's the worst of the worst you're after, vote in our Class That Needs The Most Improvement thread!
3 -2
Reactions 624
Score : 148

Go Wand osas! woot woot! first vote and post XD

1 0
Score : 3

Intel Iop Pawned !!!


0 0
Score : 93

W00T Go Fecas! ph34r

0 0
Score : -10

FECa is alway feca the best one cool

0 0
Score : 37

enutrofs ftw!!

0 0
Score : 19

no duh fecas are like the best^^ Ftw feca 3ed feca voted!

1 0
Score : 56

Sacier is da best had to cast me vote for da strongest and most needed class out there

1 0
Score : 11681

Osa's woot woot! Osa's woot woot!

1 0
Score : 136
fecas and Iops are best...especially intell ones ^^ biggrin
0 0
Score : 280

Sram altough im a eca laugh

0 0
Score : 3115

Fecas because they're hard to beat, and Iop because they kill everything very fast... But i don't like to play with them.

0 0
Score : 249

Eniripsa owns at pvp and solo.Its hard to kill them at high lvl and its possible to solo so much stuff. :]

1 0
Score : 709

Eniripsa: awesome in endgame pvm and pvp, people always want at least 1 in their group and you can never have too many of them(healing, damage and +ap for even more healing and damage, what else do you need?)

0 0
Score : 35
cool 269 at lvl 22 with gob set SO GO ECAZ!!
0 0
Score : 128

well, in my opinion it kinda fails that there is a topic about the best class. In a good mmo, the classes are pretty much balanced..

1 0
Score : 141

fecas 10th vote

0 0
Score : 177

go go go Osas,Osas go go go.Osas the best! wink

1 0
Score : 11
Strength Iop! I love the way they use Iop's Wrath! Over 2000 damage!
0 0
Score : 8

I don't want to admit but I'd have to choose fecas even though I hate em

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