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Official Best Class Ever!

By October 23, 2008, 16:54:31
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I'm eca but id have to say iop imo.

But then again it always depends on who's playing the character.

Any class can be the best if the player plays to the enemies weaknesses.
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Intel Sacs biggrin 
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strength iops ftw
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well i think the best pvm class is an omni sacrier but the best pvp class is an omni feca wis base but both must be lvl 200 otherwise they wont be as strong for their purposes as they could be. especially since there isnt really any good non exomaged equipment that can be worn below lvl 190 with omni stats and the good wisdom mixed
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This is like asking what shoe size is the best...... there is no best because it depends on what your foot size is.

Same with classes. It depends where you use them for. For 1 vs 1 kolo? I would say eca's or cra's. For 3 vs 3 kolo? Any class with range dmg, mp/ range reduction, heals or super high cc dmg. For pve? I would say all classes do well. For high content dungeons? Panda, enu, eni, iop, elio. For duo achievements? Panda + rogue or iop+elio...... There is no such thing as best class in the game. It all depends where you are gonna use it.
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