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Which Class Needs the Most Improvement?

By October 23, 2008, 17:12:02
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Score : 181
Ouginaks need some early lvls love
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Score : 207
They get enough love at higher levels to compensate for that lol. Ouginaks came to replace iops as dmg dealers and they came with more functionality. They're the best class IMO.
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Score : 476
Masqueraiders are pointless, a lot of classes can give themselves shield and deal more damage.  They are bad in pvp and in pve.
Foggernauts are bad too.  There is a chance of pushback killing someone on turn 3 of a 3v3 fight but it takes an enormous amount of preparation and everything has to be perfect.
Water iops are not strong in pvp.  At all.  Low damage and low shield gain makes the build redundant. (considering it takes one sac hit to remove that shield and deal damage on top)
Fire osamodas is rather bad.  However, water and air osamodas dominate.
Water damage on a sadida should go up considering its restrictive range.
Ecaflips removing range or movement points should not be punished for that, as cras do not get punished for removing range.
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Score : 207
I don't think so. I recently pvp against a fog that hit me 2.2k in the first turn and summoned the healer post (whatever it's called). Thought that was it for me. With shields, I managed to survive and end up winning the fight and my res is good, 35+ on every element. He was one of the most OP fogs I've seen. If you know how to play masq the right way, you could be invincible in 1v1.

Iops as chance? Lol I think that was added just because. If you want your iop to be OP go for ago, int, or str. 

Cras remove range without penalty because they're cras. They're snipers. Ecas remove range with penalty because that's not their specialty. Seems like a cra would suit your play style better. 
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Score : 44
Raise your hands if u like play sacri in kolos!
How many sacris you encountered throughout thr matches?
Use sacri for 508 sufokia/sakai/korri with sacris? Yay!
Sacris own in every 1v1 pvp. Damn!

Is sacri fun to play? Yes ofc
Is sacri good to play? Well, idk
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Score : 38
I truly didn't like the last nerfs on iop, panda, and enu's bribery spell.
I rarely see huppermages, still don't know which spells they have tbh xd
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Score : 121
Sacriers need a Nerf. Either give them less damage (Substantially less), or less mobility. Maybe make them decide between the two. (Like how Faces trade Sheilds for Mobility)

Enus still need a Boost.

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Score : 176
iops are supposed to be the damage class? pfff don`t make me laugh.
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Score : 1
Cra needs some changes
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Score : 75
Enis are ok so far.
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Score : 41
I would balance ecaflip because hitting 1.2k damage in 1st turn at lvl 80+ is a bit overboard imo .... 2 turns and half my team is dead that is too much of nuking power ..... it needs nerfing 
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Score : 167
i think sram needs to go back with mass trap and other mass trap.... it is not a mass trap when the trap only explodes in 1 square. 

all the classes has to get a small buff. they are nerfing too much
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Score : 1024
Strength Eniripsa. I love this build, but could we maybe move the Strength attacks to different variants? You have to give up some of the best support spells just to have attacks. Also it seems to me that the Vile shouldn't hit yourself or allies when its main purpose is to be used for healing while hitting. All the good earth attacks that hit with rebound have a minimum range so when you are locked (happens all the time when you are a cc hitter thats not pure agi) you always have to hit yourself first with Vile. Just seems ass backwards to me. 
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Score : 140
Azode casts Runic Repulsion. Erah: -325 HP (dead). Erah: -325 HP (dead). Erah: -325 HP (dead). Erah: -325 HP (dead). Erah: -325 HP (dead). Erah: -325 HP (dead). Erah: -325 HP (dead). Erah: -325 HP (dead). Erah: -325 HP (dead). Erah: -325 HP (dead). Erah: -325 HP (dead). Erah: -313 HP (dead).

Please just balance Pushback damage and I'd be the happiest player ever
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