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ancestral noob question

By #NatonicMasta February 23, 2009, 01:57:13

Guys I'm 104 right now currently and 748kk On the server rosal I'm a pure str iop my str is 271+(316) vitality is 2+(350) and agility int is 0+(27) chance 0+(91) and agility oh and my wissy is 0+(132) =) *Dosent know if my stats are good, only been playing 3months. Im wearing a chief bwork set

well my question was how expensive are ancestral sets i want a decent one that gives good wissy/str/vitality i dont mind if chance is bad i just want good vitality/str/andwissy thanks

also are my stats decent for my level thanks and btw i have 10ap and 4mp >.> comment on my stats and give me advice on what to do next

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well I play rushu and a good one is like 400kk for each piece or so and you don't play on rushu meaning it will probley be even more on your sever so you don't have anough money but you can always make the money and make the set is always an option. tree set farming groups a fairly common

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Ancestral is probably a good fit for your build, level. It won't be cheap, but then no set at epic levels is really cheap.

Soft Oak might be better as you reach higher levels though.

Your stats look fine to me, although I'm int/str hybrid.

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At higher levels for a pure str Iop the Moowolf set is probably a better bet than Soft Oak ...

As to ancestral set ... that's a set that can also be farmed, or at least parts of it. Try to get a group together and just farm normal tree and dark tree mobs. Then whenever you can get a group to run the Treechnid dungeon. If you have an eni or 2 a full group of chars around your level should easily be able to beat that dungeon. In any case if you do run Treechnid dungeon make sure you can break the 800pp lock else you don't get the ancestral drops at all. When I made the set for my enu I famred some parts and bought others ... just regularly chekc the market to see if you can get some cheap pieces ... also if you use a 5ap sword you may want to use a Powerful Dazzling Belt instead of the Ancestral belt to get to 10ap (together with a gelano). If you are using daggers, 9 app will be enough so you wouldn't need the PDB.

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