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Int set for level 60-70

By SukuSukui January 26, 2010, 00:36:06


Well i need help to create my set for level 60-70.

I've got:
Kam Assutra
Fire maged Ragnorak

What else can i include? I always keep 8ap so you can replace the Kam Assutra if you find a good int set which gives me +1 ap =]

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Desire O'Boul Cloak (Wis, +dmg, Crits)
Smoothich o'Bal (77, but set bonus is nice) replaces Kam Assutra
Feudala Geta/Sandals Koholiks (Int+Agi vs Wis & extra crit)
Turkoring maged Wis&Int should work fine until Feudala as your second ring.

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I'd just add the Jellicape and Jelliboots for the extra mp, pp, range, and Jellix set bonuses. This will be a good drop farming set for even higher levels. Keep it at least to lv80 when you can get Royal Cherry Blop set. Don't bother with the Jellamu.

Consider upgrading the Kam Ami to a Xelor Amulet if you can find or mage one to a small -int penalty. Adds +damage and +crits.

Add a God Rod at lv67 for another +1 AP, +25 wis.

That still leaves an extra ring slot, but I've never found anything really good for that slot. Turkoring is decent stats, but Cherry Blop isn't bad if you want +range or +summons.

Capwi's custom set makes some sense too, but looks a little higher level. A matter of preference or maybe off element fit I think....

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would help to know your class...
if your a sac then try finding some items that are +range
osa u need items that are +summons etc

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i would set up like this!

royal gob headgear! over maged is best maybe 60-80 int
res cloak or sumthing like that! maged in int too
kryst o ball fire maged
wabbit flip flop
omerta ring! good agility for dodge locks
and so on...

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Lol obviously u need strong custom set. Right now u should be able to have 1. Royal gob headgr 70+ int 2. Full maged cherry set = 200+ int ( overmaged ) 3. Red scara ring 40+ int 4. Hooded cloak 5. Lv 100 orchid/ any colour dt! If u wer rich like me you wouldnt have a prblem

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3MP ftl.

And why Red Scararing when you can use a Gelano for 8AP? And even if you have an Ochre, or an additional AP from somewhere else, I'd rather use Turkoring. Same amount of Int (with maging), but additional Wis.

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weapon : excellent kings staff 70-85 int
Hat : royal gob head 70-80 int
Cloak : hooded cloak 30-50 int
Rings : gelano 1 ap and omerta or turkoring 30- 40 int
Boots : feuda geta 40-47 int
Belt : jellibelt 60+ int
Amulet : stars custard tart 1 ap 20 int.

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