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xXxPlayboyxXx guild Tornament Update!

By maxdeth March 07, 2006, 16:03:51

This contains to guild mebers in the xXxPlayboyxXx guild, under leadership of soscer. A Guild Tornament will be held on March 10 2006 (This coming friday) at 6:00 central!
Following guild rules:

  • Mebers most be form the Guild xXxPlayboyxXx.
  • Entire fee of 50kamas(winners will receive half of entry money)
  • Members most pay Soscer-Two before the Tornament

The Tourmment will be splet in two three different catagories.

  • 1-10 (Noob Tornament)
  • 11-19 (Novice Tornament)
  • +20 (advance Tornament)

The prize of each Tornament will recive a prize of the following:

  • Noob Torn- 50% of entrie money+ 1500Kamas from Maxdeth
  • Novice Torn- 50% of entrie money+2000 Kamas from Maxdeth
  • Normal Torn - 75% of the entire money+2500 Kamas from Maxdeth

The following people will compete in there oun class in the Tornament:

  • Soscer-Two
  • Maxdethh (Me)
  • Snape

All entires must be made at the schulded time (Above) the llocation ofthe Tornament will be at:

  • Astrub, Neutral Coordinates -2, -13

Hope to see many fighters join! Fight on xXxplayboyxXx Guild!
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(Writen by Maxdeth)
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Questions have accured if the tornament will 1Vs1 on GroupVsGroup.
Just to clearify it will be 1Vs1, but a Group Tronament will be plained later in the future!

By Maxdeth

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Please leave a post entrie here with the following information to Enter the Tornament!

  • Name
  • Guild rank
  • Level
  • Tornament Entrie

Thanks you and Fight on!
(u must post to enter. guild members ONLY!)
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Prize Update: Normal Tournment 75% entrie money +3000kamas from maxdeth +100 From SNAPP

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Im just posting this here to be an ass.......ya thats about it....... but i guess i could type something important about the tournament.......ummmm you win alot of money........ Ummm the leader wont fight....... niether will i........ Snapps got way tomuch free time..... and our guild doing pretty good...... Well...... i guess thats it....... Fight on Guild!

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Name: X-Ifrit
Level: 26
Guild Rank: Defender
Tournament Entry: 50 kamas

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