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[Rushu] Knights of Amakna looking for special players

By SuperiorMan November 19, 2006, 22:11:14

The Knights of Amakna were founded back in the beta phase and are therefore one of the oldest and last remaining guilds from that time. Our level is 26 at the moment, but we approach the next level.

This guild was always about the fun of the game first. We preferred to have fun with our guildmates, who are a carefully selected bunch of nice human beings, instead of powerlevelling as fast as possible (be it the individual players or the guild level). And that is what definitely defines us: the people behind the screen names.
Go and take a look in the Impsvillage forum. Search for "Knights of Amakna" and read through the displayed postings. Hell, even ask all the players who left us as the problems began. You shouldn't find anything except comments like "... wonderful guild...", "... awesome people...", "... an awesome guild btw..." etc. And be assured: that is not the usual smooth talking over a guild you left!

So... but when the guild members are all so nice and stuff, why did problems occur, as I mentioned earlier? The answer is simple: our real life was interfering more and more. A lot of players (inlcuding the leader and myself) were busy in school, at work or somehow else and had not as much time to play a computer game as they had before. The number of people continuously online decreased more and more and then the first people left, "looking for a more active guild". Needless to say that I was (and still am) very disappointed with people who abandon their home in times of peril, where everybody is needed as never before. But this thread is not for swearing at anybody. I expressed my feeling often enough (e.g. here). This is not the place.

That is our current status: we are down to 33 members from almost 60 we once had. Usually only 0-3 people are online at a day. And that is what it makes so difficult to recruit "regular" players, those who like to have guildmates around them, and be it only in the guild channel! They come, stay a few days, see that not so much happens at the moment and leave, "looking for a more active guild". Most of us come from an US timezone, but we had lots of players from all over the world with us, especially Europe. One of the reasons why not so many players are online at the same time, but still. Our internationality was a bonus too, lots of things to talk about, lots of new people to meet.

In order to bring our guild back onto the battlefields of Dofus, I made up a special plan. What we need at first are players who fit the "lone wolf"-description. Players who are used to fight alone and don't mind (and therefore don't immediately leave) being the only person online in the guild for a longer time. After that, after we bolstered our ranks with more active players, we can try to recruit the casual teamplayers too. Of course, if you belong to the latter type and already want to try us, don't hesitate to show up here!

Now, after all that explaning, what should you bring with you if you want to start a career as a Knight (our guild was among the first, maybe THE first who used that word in the guild name)?

  • Maturity. Yes, this word is being used in an abusivly manner by almost every guild out there now. But as I said at the very beginning here, that is what always made us stand out. And we'd like to stay with that tradition. No txt-talk, no l337sp33k, no begging kamas at the Zaap, no rude or unfriendly behaviour in general.
  • Even after Snausages is gone, a slight sense of humor is required. There will be jokes here and there, don't take everything too serious.
  • Payed account. We try to bring the guildies back together to some guild activities, being restricted to Astrub doesn't help that cause much. Of course, short times of being f2p should be okay, I'm f2p too currently. No time to play at the moment... but that's another story. -.-
  • Level 50. As I already pointed out, we never cared much about levels, we preferred to have fun together. But getting our Percs and people beaten by noobish-acting morons who have nearly twice your level but barely know anything about the game itself and it's mechanics just because they have more time to play, not mentioning all the new monsters, dungeons and other stuff aimed at higher levels, we don't want to start TOO low. If not enough players are interested in joining, we might drop the level a bit.
  • LOYALITY. If you read the whole thread until here, you should know what I'm talking about.

Find out a bit more at our Guildopedia-entry: CLICK

If you are interested, please post here first (name, class, professions etc.) and then try to contact one of our officers ingame. I can invite people too, but with every f2p being excluded from playing at the moment, you better try to talk to xX-Pai-Mei-Xx, -Ariane, Chrya, Dollghan or Dummy-O. Ask -Ariane and Chrya first, they are online at most of us.

Thanks in advance to all who want to contribute to a once great guild.

SuperiorShooter, Level 71 Int.-Crâ, Guild Diplomat
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