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[Oto Mustam] New Guild 'Dexter'

By anzuk November 07, 2008, 20:31:31

Topic is a bit misleading, I meant 'english-speaking'

If you are looking for a place to start on Oto Mustam, here's your chance! Giving away free gobball sets and such for new players (and those who want to start again). Also free bread and potions service since I have farmer/baker/alchemist lvl 100 (also flax for tailor and other needs available).

I'm looking forward to get a group of players who have time and guts to make this a succesful guild like Elite.

Just PM Zuuk in-game and tell a bit about yourself to be recruited.

I'll be just acting as your godfather tongue

The most devoted/talented players will be promoted to Second in Command quite soon.

If you aren't convinced check my current/old status on heroic server Fields of Glory smile

Dexter has the same policy as Elite to NOT AGGRESS NEUTRAL PLAYERS. Doing so results in kickban

Requirements to join:
* You read and agree to the Rules of the Heroic Server
* Also check this about Heroic Server

* Level 10 (you'll achieve that yourself very fast. if you don't, there's something wrong with you)

Reasons to join:

* Good start for your journey
* There is 0% xp donation requirement all the time. But you'll have to donate (you decide how much) to get a higher rank.
* You'll get the right to place and collect percs in time.

Best of luck for Heroic Server


Guild has reached lvl 12.

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You can also leave a message here and I'll try to contact you in-game on Heroic Server.

Level cap for this guild is 10. Just so that I know you have the slightest idea of what you're doing (and on Oto you level to 10 in 10 minutes or so without any eguips).

Tell me:
-In-game Name
-Something about yourself (if you want to)

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Im a noob im called superevilshinydevil and lv 1 oh im a osa plz train me oh n u can pm me (same name) solar.

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superevildarkraquaza|2008-11-08 09:40:00
Im a noob im called superevilshinydevil and lv 1 oh im a osa plz train me oh n u can pm me (same name) solar.

Just to mention I don't play on any other servers so don't ask me to PM you on Solar etc. And for future reference, I don't want to see such leech begging messages from anyone (this server has xp rates multiplied by 3!). You'll have to do something yourself too, I'm not going to spoon-feed you with cake.
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Hi there Zuuk

-In-game Name: N/A (just yet)
-Class: Osa (Possibly)
-Level: N/A (just yet)
-Something about yourself:

I'm a bit interested, however I won't be on the Heroic for a few or so days (Uploading funds onto my card today takes 3 or so business days)

More details in my profile. When I joined, etc. Oh, and feel free to drop me a message at any time. =)


Edit: Turns out I hit the back yesterday; only to miss it by five mins.

I then proceeded to hit it again today; only to find out it was Remembrance Day. ETA of membership: 4 days.

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I'd Like to join =Þ
In-game Name-Trey
-Class-Iop(Unless i die by PvP
-Level-22 at the moment

Im a Farmer lvl 12(lol) just trying to make a few kamas to pay for a gobball set a lost
You can contact me In game or you can send me a message here. Im usually in game more often....

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Hi , playing since beta but new on this server . Help , support very appreciated .

In game name : Toxication
Class : Cra
Level : Currently leveling real quick .

Im active player from S.E.A so probably opposite time zones so please leave name here so I can contact you smile

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-Cuff & Speckle
-Osamodas & Eni
-34 & 15
-Enjoys partnering up with people, and will never play Dofus on his own. Is also working towards getting his Eni a gobball set (WOAH THERE, He's already got the hat and cape so it's not long to go ;3) and is always looking to make friends. Responsible, good sense of humour.

Cuff is an INT build Osa which has hit the softcap, his spare point every level going into Vitality to help him survive. Speckle will be purely intelligence, and Cuff will obtain a Golden Scarabugly wand at some point so the two can reciprocally heal. I aim to get Golden Scarabugly boots for Speckle as well as some of the other set pieces, and have already aquired quite a few rare resources for high high level capes and other somesuch items.

I'm ALWAYS willing to help with whatever. If you ask for something which is in my power to get, I will try to get it! However, I'm still in incarnam until Speckle hits level 21 or 31 (Still mulling it over) and has a full gobball set. Every little piece helps! biggrin

I also never shut up. :c

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Couldn't contact anyone from this guild for two days ! Doesn't look like an active guild afterall ! sad

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Sinclaire-Vans|2008-12-27 08:04:00
Couldn't contact anyone from this guild for two days ! Doesn't look like an active guild afterall ! sad

PM me in-game (Cuff) and I'll hook you up with an invite smile
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