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91 (and growing fast) sac looking for a HELPFUL ENGLISH guild rushu

By Inuoni April 24, 2009, 04:20:54

i cant stress enough "HELPFUL" end up grinding out half the guild exp only to get treated as a piece of scum when you ask for help with a small 100kk loan.

also sick and tired not being able to comunicate with people for something as simple as: "hey this is the time i am able to play"... so many french based guilds get real pissy when you cant conform to their ever needing beck and whim...

so yea ranting and raving asides i soloed from 80-91 in the past 2 days

i work for the navy so my play schedule is : tuesday-thursday anytime. friday-monday 7pm-10pm paciffic

post here with your contact info

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