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[Solar] Four Seasons

By Escena - SUBSCRIBER - October 08, 2009, 01:07:51

Hello all who venture in the World of Twelve (especially those on the server Solar),

I am here to recruit those of you who wish to join a fun, friendly, yet serious and dedicated guild by the name of Four Seasons. We're currently a very small guild, and only Level 2. But we hope to grow in size and power as time goes on!

Our guild is focused mainly on friendly interaction, in the English language. We're the ones you talk to when you're doing intense power leveling and need a good joke or just some encouragement. Our Second in Command Coupling is a Dungeon maniac, so talk to him if you want to do Wabbit Castle... yet again smile We can basically do anything you want, I'm quite the reasonable guy.

Our ideal recruit is someone over level 10, plays almost daily, loves to chat, is pay-to-play, and wants to improve their game. Our guild will only continue to get stronger, so this offer isn't permanent! Join us now or forever hold your peace! If you don't meet all the ideals don't worry! We onlly want you to be dedicated and talkative for now smile

Our website:

Our Forum (you must be a part of our guild and approved by me to join the forum!):

Leave a message in our website's guestbook if you're interested!
Also PM Wasuremono or Coupling ingame for more information!

~Guild leader and proud Pandawan, Wasuremono

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