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Tell Me How Can I Get Money Fast!!? :S

By barhomish May 02, 2012, 17:12:09
Hi guys , im ophiel
Can someone Tell me (HOW TO MAKE FAST MONEY) ??
Here Is My Professions...
tailor lvl 8
handyman lvl 17
jeweller lvl 14

I Need To Make 3 Million Kamas .... O.o!!! -.-

Please Give Me Advices .... tongue 
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You aren't going to make much money with those low level professions. Your best bet for money making would probably be to harvest resources like treechnid parts or chafer bones and sell them on the market in stacks of 100. Treechnids are usually a good bet because stacks of 100 bark/roots can sell for 30,000 each, and if you eventually get a stack of amber it can sell for 100,000-150,000
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Tailor requires a strong character in order to hunt monsters to drop materials.

Handyman requires lumberjack, miner, and a little bit of farmer and alchemist in order to make lvling it to 100 easier.

Jeweler requires lumberjack and miner as well.

I really recommend you get unlearning potions for your tailor and handyman. Get a lumberjack and miner and lvl them to 100. It will take a long time but it will pay off. Then lvl jeweler to 65, then get jewelmagus. Lvl that to 100. Then max jeweler and make money by crafting and maging equip, or buying cheap equip on the market and maging it, then reselling it for higher.

Unless you can buy ogrines with real money and sell it in the Ogrines market for kamas (other players will buy your Ogrines) then making money will not be easy (unless you are high lvled).

edit: Mishna does have a good point. You'll be able to earn kk immediately rather than having to lvl profs. It helps your xp as well, so it is a better idea for the meanwhile. In the long run, having some high lvled professions would be recommended though.
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Farm gobball material and level up jeweller, crush for runes, become magus.

Making a Miner and/or Lumberjack would help out greatly. Making money comes after investing time into things like professions or material farming.

Make fisherman -> get lucky and catch rare fish.
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If you want to make millions of kamas, you need to make the highest level gear, to get the materials for the highest level gear, you need the highest level characters, to get the equips to use on your high level characters you need kamas. It's a vicious cycle.

You need to farm something that has small or no costs on your end, otherwise you will never make the money you need initially to start up your crafting professions.

Sorry, it's a sad truth all Dofus players realise eventually.

- John
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You can do every day dopples after whole dopple quest you'll get some doploons, buy wisdom scrolls (doesn't matter which one) and sell them you can earn in one week like 500-700kk
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3mk fast with that stuff and lv146 ? I've yet to see that happen, nothing happens fast, everything needs time.

Kill treechnids or lousy pigs and sell the mats. 100 lousy pig tridents cost 150kk ( there's a reason for it and you'll see it ).
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drops are important, so treechnid drops, or even a 5-8man team running a dungeon can earn 50-500kk a run. simple but time consuming and effective
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Like others have said, with your character and profession level there isn't much you can do for big money. When you get stronger you can fight dopples or if you're good at PvP you can fight in the Kolo.

A really easy way to make kamas is to raise pets: for example, you can usually buy no-stat bow meows on the market for about 1kk. Get 20 bow meows and feed them 2 or 3 times a day. It'll take you 2 or 3 months to level them to their max, but if you're raising 20 or more at once, that means you'll have 20 bow meows you can sell for anywhere between 150kk and 200kk each for a total of 3mk to 4mk. Long time from start to finish, but it's very easy and your pets will usually sell quickly. I recommend dropping them at the bow kennel before placing them on the market so they don't starve and lose hit points.
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Better yet raise Peki Pekis. You can buy each one for 1-10kk and at max stats ( 400 vit ) you can sell for 1.5mk-2mk.
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2bytwo|2012-12-25 07:42:12
Better yet raise Peki Pekis. You can buy each one for 1-10kk and at max stats ( 400 vit ) you can sell for 1.5mk-2mk.
Out of curiosty, do you know how long that would take? Also, how long to get a croum to 26%resistance?
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Well if you feed it 3 times a day that's +1 vitality each day so 400 days for 400 vit or if you want to add an enhancing potion that'll be 440 days for +440 vit.

Croum will take 26 days .
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You need to make 3mk?

Scam Someone

Kidding, Farmer/Baker, Cereal Bread 30kk per 100

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make runes.

10 ra intel runes = 100kk
10 ra str runes = 90kk
10 ra cha runes = 110kk
10 ra agi runes = 90kk

those runes are really easy to craft. not many people can do it. u take advantage of it asap.
sell item needed for throphy.
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