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How can I make kamas?

By useprotection June 06, 2012, 19:45:58
Hey, I am F2P so if I'm right my professions cant go higher then level 30. So what would be the best way to make kamas?
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When I was like you I made kamas the old-fashioned way. That is, get a farmer and a baker and bake Wholewheat bread. Sell it in the sell rooms and you've got enough kamas to buy yourself a low-levelled set. I suggest you subscribe once you get enough kamas though, this method isn't full-term liable.
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capture is the bast way
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ummmm capture ...yas yas is good vere good like capture dj bof =gobball yahh fast kamas
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Get a hunting profession and hunt tofus for bird meat. Do not preserve these as they are used unpreserved to make bread. Honestly... it sucks to be f2p now... most of the resources you get are useless for characteristic scrolls now. Keep selling bird meat until you could buy ogrines to p2p.
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I'd suggest you drop loots until u get enought for p2p, once you're p2p u can get the soulcapture spell to soul gobbal dung and other easy/fast dungeons this method made me about 200kk hour, also how i made my first mk in dofus 3years ago. If u have the cash for it in real life i would suggest buying ogrines this is a mega good way for fast cash!
a good way by the way to make fast cash as a f2p is to kill piwis and loot piwi feathers, not sure if its good at all servers but in my server they're 300-700kamas each and drop pretty often good way to get kamas in f2p just sayin. smile
I hope this tips helped you my friend / Dezle from Rosal
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When I was f2p, I used the drops I got from mainly the boars I was leveling on in the forest.
However, I found that making recall potions (1 water, 1 five-leaf clover) with a lvl 20 alchemist and above was better for me- and it still works after getting p2p and becoming a higher level in my professions, only that the process is faster.
Recalls tend to sell for 1999per 100, however they can get up to 3500per 100 if it's a busy day!
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hi im a jewweler and i level my proffession to lvl 30 at myself then i go to bonta then i say in recrutement like lvl 30 5 slot jewweker working for free then u lvl up fast with that proffession and you can make high stuff like 120 + amulet/rings and at lvl 60 jewweler you an be jewwelmagus and there u can earn much kama too laugh 
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I think the best way (well its good for me) is alchemist just make a lot of recall potions and sell them like ravenou-s said and its good to fight some monsters and sell the drop for example fight cracks and you may drop the crack amulet and boots somthing like that and just sell it i did that untill one AWSOME player come to me his name is Strategy he is 100+ lvl mp thife cra and he gave me a LOT of items and i'm litrelly rich now and he said i am giving this items to you becuse you seem like a nice guy so ther is a another good tip be a nice guy and maybe someone will come and give you a LOT of good items that you can sell like Strategy gave me. wink 
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ravenou-s|2012-07-02 12:39:37
When I was f2p, I used the drops I got from mainly the boars I was leveling on in the forest.

I don't know about your server, but on Shika boar tusks sell for around 30kk/100. The hairs and leather also sell for around 10kk/100. They'll always be in demand because of the fact that they're used in an easy recipe to train Shoemaker (and people are lazy). When I was f2p I used to farm mushrooms from Mush Mush's. I have no idea what they're worth now after Ankama took out the scroll system via mats (sigh) but I'd say resources are probably your best bet.
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how to make kamas....i make kamas by placing a perc from your guild then waiting until he gets kamas then get the kamascool

hey someone be my friend and help me lvl up my name is red-goblin my server is aermine
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