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Lvl 142 int cra money making

By saapaonukingaonu September 18, 2012, 19:04:27
Hello i am a lvl 142 int cra and i need some advice. What mobs should i farm for drops to make a decent amount of cash. smile Thank you for your timesmile 
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Well hello there. Yes you can go for drop hunts, solo or with a team for more pp. Then you can do evryday dooples and exchange dooplons into scrolls, or go koloiong and exchanging kolosskens for peebles.
Good luck
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hunt blops with turq mount equiped smile
dont underestimated them with these new 2.8 update
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If you have the patience for leveling it, i would suggest hunter/butcher. (see the stickied guide on it)

With explosive arrow, you can make quick work of most mobs, and with your range, you can easily hit anything that tries to run from you.

With a little time investment, you can end up making quite a bit of money (Find out what you can hunt efficiently and how much it sells for)

Pro Tip: Crocodyls are easy kills for int chars (might wanna avoid the chiefs though)
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