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Butcher Profession is it possible to make kamas with this ?

By danan September 29, 2012, 17:05:32

I recently began leveling both a hunter and butcher got 100 hunter and 93 butcher and I'm wondering if it's worth continuing to level butcher other than the 1,000 pods I'd gain at 100 butcher. I've tried many different professions yet a steady income of kamas continues to elude me.

I admit to being a bit impatient and that I've not had the profession for very long. I appreciate help in figuring out if I'm just being too impatient or if undertaking the prof was a bad choice in the first place and the most benefit I'll get from it is the extra pods

Mods please close or delete this thread it's no longer needed
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If you hunt mainly on frigost to pair the meats with xp... then no.

If you hunt other mobs such as kanigers or crocs for mats/xp and just take the meat as an additional reward, then it's not bad.

But if you're just looking for a money making income, then it's certainly not the best.
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