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making money with almanax

By from-zero-to-hero October 01, 2012, 00:15:02
hello people

so the other day when i was doing the almanax quest and i found this cool trick to make a fair amount of kama. the money you be making will depend on the quest reward so how dose this work

this is what you will need

  • two accounts so you can exchange the items
  • 2-3-5 characters up to level 10 on each account the more the better

then log all these characters in the almanax sanctuary then you start doing the quest . After you done exchangeing the kamas to your other account do this with all you
characters .

as side before it's depend on the daily reward, yesterday it was 26124 kamas. and most importantly the item you need for the quest its must be easy to get and cheap

thank you

And sorry about the bad english >_
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Yea, I already wondered... The Almanax seems to be quite a decent money source (The kamas come from nothing, so it introduces money into the economy). Ankama ist aware of this, so does it means the money is badly distributed or even too few on the servers?

I always assumed that every MMORPG fights against inflation, so its interesting why they introduced this kind of source.

Of course, its a very fair money source, as it seems that every player gets the same amount, so its distributing the money quite evenly and also botting this kind of income is most probably impossible, so bot farmers don't get anything usefull. (Same like the quite high amounts of kamas you get from Doppler fights).

(On the other hand, I really hope that the increased Zaapie costs since 2.8 are a mistake and not a compensation for this Almanax source. Zaapies are used by everyone, so its a quite harsh kama sink for poorer people..)
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i just noticed that...
me a lvl 195 doing dopple everyday can accumulate at least 60kk for complete run.
2 days run i can get 3 powerfull scroll.
oh well, from now on i dont need to farmer baker anymore for sub ogrines wub

play for fun

works very well with people like me who play 2 hours daily
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