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Need info for Jewelmagus

By wkenu - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - October 03, 2012, 15:39:52
So after playing Dofus for like many years I recently got my first mage profession and obviously its jewelmagus tongue . So far i got to like level 25 by just maging gob amys and other random stuff back and forth. So i just needed info for how long it exactly takes to get to level 100 magus assuming i'm just going to be maging gob, and royal gob amys back and forth. Oh and also exactly how many runes it takes so far I used like 1k of stre and int. so any help would be much appreciated.
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Once you hit 50 it only takes about 2 hours to get it to 100. 1~50 is the biggest hurdle and uses the most amount of runes, but you're right by using Gob Ammies. Grab a Chief Bwork bracelet once you hit 50 Magus and a SO ring once you hit 75. The levels will fly by.
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